Yacht Clubs

Yacht Clubs
Yacht Racing Association Of Thailand
The Yacht Racing Association of Thailand was first established on 25 September 1961 at 58,Rongmuang Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok. Eight founding members formed the first administrative committee headed by Vice Admiral Siri Krachangenetra who was also appointed the President of the Association until 1966.

The Office of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand was moved to various places depending on appropriateness and convenience of many various Presidentrs and secretaries. Later,the Royal Thai Navy permitted the use of an office in the Royal Thai Navy Club for the Yacht Racing Association. The Association finally moved to its present office in Building 5 within the Royal Thai Navy Headquarters compound which became its permanent office in 1987.

Later, when Vice Admiral Arkom Srikacha became president, he wrote a letter requesting Royal Patronage for the Yacht Racing Association. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously consented to accept the Association under His Patronage on 31 March 1987. Moreover,the Yacht Racing Association is most honoured to have
M.C. Bhisatej Rajani as its Honorary President since December 1996.

Royal Varuna Yacht Club
Royal Varuna Yacht Club
Founded in 1957, the history of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club is, virtually, the history of yacht racing, sailing and cruising in Thailand. With Walter Meyer as the first Flag Commodore and Prince Bhisadej in charge of the sailing programme, the Varuna Marine Club opened at a beautiful seaside villa “in a Pattaya” recalls Walter, “of about 20 fishermen”. The new club was located next to the only restaurant, at the southern end of Pattaya strip. The journey from Bangkok in those days was a marathon drive of up to six hours, with a car ferry across the Bang Prakong River. The first race recorded was around an uncluttered Pattaya Bay of sparkling waters, where a motley fleet of Enterprises, Ospreys, a “prawn dinghy”, a 7-metre ‘folksboat’, and even a sailing canoe, raced for the “Varuna Marine Trophy”. The first national championship recorded in the Kingdom was the Enterprise Nationals, held at the Varuna Marine Club in 1962.

Royal Patronage
No doubt, the popularity of the sailing in Thailand was greatly enhanced when His Majesty and some of the Royal Family participated in club events, having been introduced to the sport by Prince Bhisadej. The great highlight for the Club was to come on April 26, 1965 when the King bestowed Royal Patronage and the Varuna Marine Club became the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. Slowly but surely, development began to overtake Walter Meyer’s pristine Pattaya and it was during third Flag Commodore Lowry’s tenure, that the decision was made to move the Club from its “home” in South Pattaya.
Move to present location

Fourth Commodore, Rachot Kanjanavanit, secured the present site – no doubt one of the most attractive locations on the entire Eastern Seaboard. In October, 1967 the Club moved “over the hill” to what many thought at the time was a “wilderness, with no power, no water supply and no amenities”. Thirty-seven years on, we see the legacy of these early members around us. The new clubhouse formally opened in 2003 by Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, looks confidently towards the next 50 years as the home of sailing in Thailand.

Ocean Marina
Ocean Marina Yacht Club
Ocean Marina Yacht Club
Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Located in Jomtien on the Eastern Seaboard and is one of Thailand’s most exclusive yacht clubs, with a 5-star hotel and one of the largest world-class marinas in Asia.

Situated on the crescent calm end of Jomtien beach and just a brief drive from Bangkok, here is a heaven-on-earth resort where you’ll experience its ultimate luxury, elegance, privacy and superb facilities all fashioned around its unique nautical styling.

Nestled in natural surroundings of mountains, beach and ocean, the Yacht Club with its unique majestic marina frontage and hundreds of yachts at anchor makes an impressive and unsurpassed view. The opulence of marina, hotel, and yacht club are embellished with a tranquil environment and Thai warm hospitality befitting all your needs.

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