Phuket Cruising Yacht Club PCYC

Phuket Cruising Yacht Club PCYC

No cannons at noon; no cravats, no ties, no reefer jackets, We have a casual beach scene where you can relax, in your come as you are attire charge your phone or computer, we arrange raft-ups and beach fire gatherings at idyllic island beaches, your suggestions and ideas are always welcome

From power boaters to hard core single handers on a mission, cruising yachtie familys, local xpats, dreamers you will meet them all at the PCYC; , relax play a game of chess or backgammon, Free WIFI is on 24 hours, or just hang out and watch the tide roll in,,, While your there try our delicious young ice cooled coconuts,or our beer on ice our restraunt has the best fish and chips, aussie pies, pizzas, hamburgers with beetroot, Tex mex menu, fresh ground coffee, meet our breakfast crowd open from 8am till late, best food, best views, best prices in town

Join up, then we will have your contact details and you will receive and invitation to the next big day out with the PCYC where we dont charge any joining fees ,and your guests pay the same low prices as our members

Contact Information:

Brent, Club Captain: Phuket Mobile 0862697138


For visitors Chalong’s 720-metre long, seven-metre wide jetty, is its most noticeable feature: fuel and water are available from north side of this jetty,they have diesel ,petrol(91 unleaded) and water there prices are much the same as the service stations, when I go to the fuel dock I through them 1 line and hang off by about 3-4 metres ,all of their hoses are long enough it creates more space and in the likly event a 3 engine speedboat passes by doing 30 knots you wont scuff up your top sides, and the locals wont have to listen to another falung giving an academy award winning performance on how this would never happen in their country,,,

My choice is the fuel boat its a blue wooden work boat (about 20 meters long )truck tyres as fenders so take their bow line and as you lay along side align your fenders with the tyres to avoid marks on your boat. it has its moored 100m north of starboard chanel pilon # 3 on the aproach into Chalong jetty, they have clean diesel and water,their prices are the same or cheaper than at the jetty

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